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Shop Closure!!

Posted by Tiffiany Peters on 27th Dec 2019

Hello there, Chocolate Lovers!!

Thank you for being here, we are so happy you have found us. We have been busy working overtime this holiday season pumping out delicious goodies and holiday treats for you, our amazing customers. We’ve put all of our focus and energy into knocking out all of our treats for you to share with your friends and families. Now it is time for a little rest, relaxation, and recharge for our team. Our kitchens and shop will be closed from January 6-15th. We are a small family run business so all online orders that are made after January 4th won’t be filled or shipped until after January 16th depending on the current stock. We look forward to getting back into the shop and fulfilling your chocolate and pastry needs when we return.


The Coastal Mist Staff