Dessert Gallery

Our dessert case is ever changing as the seasons change and as creativity ignites within our master pastry chefs. Our desserts are all handmade with the freshest and of the highest quality ingredients. We take pride in developing new and exciting treats that will take your tastebuds on an delicious ride. 

Viewing these desserts here does NOT guarantee they will be available in our shop.  


wo layers of dark Devil’s food cake are filled with a layer of dark Chocolate Mousse. This is then  topped with dark chocolate glaze and chocolate  whipped cream.Our handmade Butterscotch sauce is topped and baked with a butterscotch custard. We then top it with our dark chocolate glaze, chocolate whipped cream and a dark chocolate spoon.Layers of dark chocolate mousse and Vanilla Salt Caramel are topped with dark chocolate glaze and dark chocolate whipped cream.A HAZELNUT and dark chocolate base is topped with a dark chocolate ganache and swirled with a coffee caramel, and topped with espresso whipped cream.Toasted almond sponge cake topped with raspberry compote surrounded by vanilla Bavarian cream and covered in chocolate glaze and finished with a pipette of raspberry sauce. Apricot syrup soaked chocolate sponge cake, with apricot gelee, and apricot mousse layered atop a dark chocolate brownie. Finished with dark chocolate glaze.Our dark decadent brownie is mixed with bits of Dark, Milk, and White Belgian Chocolate. It is then topped with Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate glazes.Dark Chocolate crunchy layered with ganache, bittersweet chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse and cocoa sponge cake. Topped with dark chocolate mirror glaze and dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa nib coating.