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Chocolate Map

Let our chocolate map guide you on your tasting travels as you untie that green ribbon and explore new flavors. Each unique chocolate you find in the box in front of you has been developed and handcrafted by our master chocolatiers. The quality ingredients have been paired to create classic and new flavors for your tastebuds to enjoy. 

Each one of our chocolates have been handcrafted with only the finest Belgian chocolates. 

Allergy Statement: Processed in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, and milk. 

If you are sensitive to the following known allergies, please click/hover each image to see the corresponding letter(s) listed on each chocolate. 


Smooth Belgian dark chocolate melt with peppermint (dairy free)Extra dark chocolate butter ganache and nibsWhite chocolate, tea concentrate and spicesBelgian dark chocolate whipped butter ganache rolled in coffee flavored flakesIn-house candied orange rind in Belgian dark chocolateBelgian dark chocolate whipped butter ganache with raspberry preserves Vanilla ganache and dark chocolate cookie pearlsDark and milk chocolate and hazelnut liqueur with roasted hazelnutsBelgian dark chocolate ganache with Makers Mark and pecan bitsMilk and dark Belgian chocolate with house candied orangeDark chocolate ganache, espresso and caramelBelgian dark chocolate whipped butter ganache and coconutBelgian milk chocolate whipped butter ganache rolled in milk chocolate shavingsWhite and dark chocolate Tuaca ganache dipped in dark chocolateSoft toffee filling in a milk chocolate shellRoasted cashews in salt caramel with dark chocolateSoft nougat with dried cranberries and roasted hazelnuts in dark chocolatePeanut Butter melt in Belgian dark chocolate (dairy free)Hazelnut melt in Belgian dark chocolatePecans and salt caramel in dark chocolateGoat milk caramel with milk chocolateWhite chocolate and three single origin vanillasHazelnut mocha ganache and dark chocolate Frangelico ganacheDark chocolate and mocha ganacheWhite chocolate lemon ganache in dark chocolateHouse made butterscotch, Irish cream and milk chocolateCraisins, mandarin oranges, pistachio and hazelnutDark chocolate ganache, espresso and SambucaSemi sweet butter ganache and shavingsVanilla Salt Caramel with coconut and walnuts dipped in dark chocolateBelgian dark chocolate caramel with almonds in dark chocolate shellWhite chocolate and peppermint ganache with dark chocolate pieces enrobed in dark chocolateWhite chocolate, lemon and coconutBelgian dark chocolate ganache with sake and vanillaSmooth milk chocolate caramel in white chocolateFresh chewy salt caramel dipped in Belgian dark chocolateWhite chocolate and passion fruit enrobed in Belgian dark chocolateBelgian dark chocolate whipped butter ganache and hazelnutBelgian milk chocolate ganache with cinnamonCaramel milk chocolate whipped butter ganache rolled in pecans