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Small Box - Assorted

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Our ~Small~ Fine Chocolate Collection includes ~8~ individually hand crafted and hand selected pieces to create one of the below collections. 

~Mélange Collection 

Our Mélange Collection is ideal for those who enjoy a variety of flavors and textures. Savor our small-batch chocolates, hand-made with local Oregon fruits and nuts, in addition to exotic, imported fruits and nuts.

~Caramel Lovers Collection

The Caramel Lovers Collection is perfect for the person who appreciates exceptional flavors and textures. Savor our hand-made chocolates with Oregon and imported nuts complementing American and European-style caramels.

~Dark Chocolate Collection

The Dark Chocolate Collection is ideal for the sophisticated palate. Enjoy our hand-made chocolates with layer after layer of dark, rich and velvety flavors.

~Fruity Chocolate Collection

The Fruity Collection is perfect for those who enjoy a selection of bountiful flavor. Our hand-made chocolates include a variety of Oregon and exotic, imported fruits.

Allergy Statement: Processed in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat and milk.

*Chocolates that appear in the image above WILL look differently than what you receive. Our chocolates are made in small batches and we regularly rotate seasonal flavors in our case. We can not guarantee that the chocolates you see in this image will be available upon ordering.