Welcome to Coastal Mist

Welcome to Coastal Mist, your source for award winning artisan chocolates, European style pastries, desserts and catering.

First let’s understand the etymology of our name.

It was 1585 and royal pages had been anxiously watching the horizon for weeks, waiting for a ship to pierce the early morning Coastal Mist. Stationed in the Spanish coastal city of Cadiz, they had orders to transport this very important cargo directly to the royal court of the king and queen themselves. This vessel was the first ship in history with a cargo entirely of cacao beans which had departed Veracruz, Mexico a few months earlier. Although chocolate was kept relatively secret by the Spanish royals for decades to come this commercial shipment of cacao was the very start of the business of chocolate and in fact would change the world forever. It is with this pivotal event in mind that our name stemmed from…

Coastal Mist is located in Old Town Bandon, Oregon. We specialize in a wide variety of desserts, cakes, pastries, artisan chocolates, special event catering and artisan breads. With over 50 years combined experience in the culinary field, we at Coastal Mist share a great love and passion for what we do. We make absolutely everything from scratch in our facility using the finest imported ingredients as well as the freshest local products our great northwest has to offer.

Whether you shop online or visit us in our shop in at 210 2nd Street SE in Bandon, you will find Coastal Mist offers something for everyone. From a rich chocolate treat, to a boxed lunch, to a catered wedding or tea party, we can take care of a variety of tastes.


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