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Assorted Fine Chocolates

Our Fine Chocolate Collections has something for everyone. Are you looking for a variety? Try our Mèlange Collection. Looking for something nutty or fruity? We have those too. Or do you have a more sophisticated palate? Our Dark Chocolate collection would be PERFECT!

Each chocolate is individually hand crafted and meticulously detailed by our master chocolatiers. We take pride in hand selecting each piece of fine chocolate to create each collection. Bring one of our Fine Chocolate Collections to your next family or work gathering or simply indulge in one for yourself. Let the rich, creamy, and exotic flavors of our Oregon fruits, European-style caramels, and other imported flavors melt away in your mouth and let your mind take a moment to escape to those fascinating places. 

You can find each of our Fine Chocolate Collections in our small (8 piece), medium (15 piece), or large (25 piece) gift box sets below.

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