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the coastal mist story

our story is a love story...

Tara and Kevin at Badingtons Tea House

Our Coastal Mist story begins in Belgium in 1992 while on one of my pastry trips through Europe. I purchased some interesting little chocolates from a shop in the center market in Brussels. Being a young and excitable pastry chef I was fascinated by this unique little confection, covered in shaved chocolate and light as air. As I bit through the crisp chocolate shell, the chocolate and dairy center melted in my mouth. From that moment I was hooked! This was my introduction to the Belgian truffle. It became my mission to add chocolate arts to my extensive repertoire of fine pastries.

Three years later I was back in Belgium learning to make these famous chocolates. My Belgian friend and mentor, Patrick, became like family to me. The two of us dreamed of having our own chocolate shops on our respective continents. Patrick and Inge have had a full line chocolate shop, Boon, in Hasselt, Belgium, for four years.

In 2002 I had the pleasure of bringing my then fiancee (now wife) Tara, to meet my “Belgian Family.” She was also trained in the art of making Belgian chocolates. In 2007 we launched our Coastal Mist venture in Bandon, on the Southern Oregon coast. With the assistance of Tara’s parents, Bruce & Billie, we expanded our offerings and distribution.

In late 2008 we brought on our newest partner and Kevin’s finest apprentice, Nicole, to expand our repertoire to include a full line of European style wholesale and retail desserts and specialty cakes.

In summer of 2009, we opened our retail store in Old Town Bandon. We offer a full line of our artisan chocolates, European style desserts and pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and artisan breads.

Some positive feedback we’ve received:

“Working with Coastal Mist has been a joy. The turnaround time is great and so is the service. They are so easy to work with and more than happy to tailor desserts to our needs. Of course the best part is the increase in our dessert sales.”

Joe & Tricia Benetti

“It has been my pleasure to work closely with Tara and Kevin for many years and see them excel in the pastry and fine chocolate world. As an industry related admirer, I look forward to seeing there many accomplishments in this new venture.”

Harry Brockwell, AAC, ACF Regional Vice President

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